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california citrus salad with avocado

my version --- served on a bed of mixed green; lightly dressed with sesame oil, citrus juice, mirin, pink salt, and cayenne...

When the Gold Rush of 1849 hit, there was a huge demand for oranges in the gold country because it was well established that fresh citrus was useful in combating scurvy, a vitamin-C deficiency. The fruit was actually a mutation from an orange tree that grew in a Brazilian monastery. The U.S. Department of Agriculture obtained cuttings from this tree and in 1873 sent two or three starter trees to spiritualist and woman suffrage activist Eliza Tibbets in Riverside to see if they would grow." -- The history of citrus in California

salmon cooked with ginger citrus sauce; served with crispy salmon skin, and roasted veg infused with kaffir lime leaves..


© Faisal Hoque
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