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kogashi (こがし black) ramen

my version -- with red miso, kombu, balck saseme paste, charred bok choy, mushrooms, pickled kelp, balck garlic chili oil, and ramen eggs (ajitsuke tamago)...

Considered to be one of the best ramen in Japan, its noodles sit in a black soup. Kogashi comes from Hakata, considered by many to be the ramen capital of Japan. Seikan Aoiki, the master chef behind the ramen, devised the dish out of desperation after world war II. Without access to traditional ingredients, he looked to what was around.
"The key to ramen eggs (known in Japanese as ajitsuke tamago 味付け卵) is that they aren’t just flavoured by their marinade. The salty and sweet marinade actually acts as a cure to firm the whites and yolks, and give the yolks a savoury and jammy taste and consistency, which is a much better texture for ramen. Two days curing is about right for curing ramen eggs, but you can go more or less depending on the levels of salt and sugar in the liquid." -- Adam Liaw

Here is my chickpea miso ramen with ma yu (black garlic oil) and organic chicken sausage...


© Faisal Hoque
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