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korean soba [mak-guksu(막국수)] and seared tuna

my version -- soba dressed with soy, mirin, ginger, scallion kimchi, and edamame; seared tuna served with mango, red onion relish; cucumber, radish salad seasoned with tōgarashi...

"Mak-guksu or buckwheat noodles is a Korean buckwheat noodle dish served in a chilled broth and sometimes with sugar, mustard, sesame oil or vinegar. It is a local specialty of the Gangwon province of South Korea, and its capital city, Chuncheon.
It is difficult to generalise regarding makguksu's accompanying ingredients. Ingredients are traditionally determined by individual preferences. In most cases, makguksu is very spicy, sometimes seasoned with gochujang (hot chile pepper paste). Various types of kimchi can be added as well: nabak kimchi, dongchimi or baechu kimchi." - Wikipedia


© Faisal Hoque
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