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sesame soba noodles

my version -- cold buckwheat Japanese soba dressed with miso, saseme oil, mirin, soy, ginger, garlic chili oil, rice vinegar, roasted eggplant and zucchini (seasoned with Gochujang chili), cilantro, and chives; served with avocado and leftover homemade roast beef...

"If someone tells you they don't like noodles, run. That person is a liar. Noodles are happiness incarnate, and these summer-ready chilled sesame soba noodles are no exception. Slathered in an Asian-inspired spicy soy and sesame sauce, they deliver depth of flavor, a fresh vegetable crunch, and something approximating noodle nirvana. Without any of that sweat-inducing heat you avoid at all costs from May to August. In this not-really-a-recipe, you can eyeball most of the ingredients and it'll always turn out delicious." -- Bon Appétit


© Faisal Hoque
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