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spicy korean noodles (chap chae or jap chae, Japchae - 잡채; 雜菜)

my version -- cooked with zucchini, tri colored carrots, cabbage, scalion, and chicken thighs seasoned with hoisin, soy, mirin, sake, gochujang, lime, cilantro, garlic, ginger, and sesame seeds...

"Spicy Korean Noodles are a type of Korean stir-fried noodles (chap chae or jap chae, Japchae translates as mixed vegetables) and is one of the most popular noodle dishes in Korea."

“Gochujang is a fermented Korean chili paste that’s sweet, spicy and savory. It’s bright red in color, is sticky and thick, and is used as a condiment or in sauces in Korean cooking." -- Zestful Kitchen


© Faisal Hoque
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