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south indian fish curry with coconut milk

my version -- cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric, lime, kaffir lime leaves, chili, etc. -- served with jasmine rice and apple/cucumber slaw...

"This light fish curry is almost a stew, but unlike many southern dishes that are fiery hot, it’s quite mild. Traditionally eaten with “appams” or fermented rice pancakes. I love it best with plain boiled rice with a dash of lemon juice squeezed on top.
This South Indian Fish Curry is a homage to all the regional fish curry recipes that are so unique and special to southern parts of India. The gravy base is a medley of spices, tomatoes, coconut milk, and the tempering, which is added after the fish is simmered in the gravy, borrows from the style of cooking in Kerala." -- Shinta Simon

here my shrimp garbanzo coconut curry, cumin rice, pan seared wild caught salmon (seasoned with lime chili), finished with sweet peas and thai basil…


© Faisal Hoque
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