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chraime with arctic char

my version -- poached in north African tomato sauce; cooked with harissa, cumin, paprika, coriander, fennel, fresh herbs, garlic, lime, etc.; finished home made tahini sauce. Served with warm couscous, spinach, chickpeas salad, dressed with mint, and lemon juice...

Chraime is a traditional North African dish that’s also popular in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. It’s essentially fish simmered in a thick tomato sauce.
"The smells from the kitchens of his friends, however, were alluring. The foods were liberally spiced and as an adult Nir jokes, “now I can say sexy.” Meals with his friends in the apartment complex was his first introduction to chraime, fish cooked in a spiced sauce with peppers (though it varies some depending upon your family’s roots) that’s a staple shabbat appetizer in North African Jewish homes." -- Nir Feller

"Tahini tastes like its source ingredient—sesame seeds. Tahini has a savory, bitter, and nutty flavor profile. It is high in fat content and has an oily consistency. Tahini is typically made from hulled white sesame seeds and is light in color. "
Creamy, savory tahini sauce has just 3 ingredient -- sea salt, lemon juice, and garlic.


© Faisal Hoque
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