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crayfish infused thai curry with seared scallops

my version -- with sautéed eggplant/string beans, thai basil, edamame, micro green, and jasmine rice...

"Curry is one of Thailand's favorite dishes, but in the Thai language kari (curry) refers, however, to only one of many combinations of spices. It contains turmeric or saffron among other things and can be recognized by its yellow color. The Thai housewife blends in a mortar and pestle many other combinations of spices, each with its own name. In its many forms, curry is common to India and all of Southeast Asia, including Malaya, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma.
Until modern times many of the best known, for example nutmeg and cloves, came only from Southeast Asia. Men sailed uncharted seas swarming with Malay and Chinese pirates, dared die lands of savage headhunters, ripped their vessels on hidden reefs; and died in the lonely seas in quest of these spices." -- Street Directory


© Faisal Hoque
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