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mahi mahi with back garlic dashi, red rice, and roasted veg

my version -- pan roasted after marinating in soy, lemongrass, ginger, sambal chili, palm sugar, citrus, etc. dashi made from dried black mushroom, kombu, etc. served with chinese red rice and pan roasted bok choy and turnip...

"Mahi mahi is a firm, lean whitefish. The mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) is a surface-dwelling ray-finned fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical, and sub-tropical waters worldwide. When done right, mahi mahi is tender, flaky, and deliciously flavorful." -- Wikipedia
"Black garlic is a type of aged garlic whose browning is attributable to Maillard reaction rather than caramelization, first used as a food ingredient in Asian cuisine. It is made by heating whole bulbs of garlic (Allium sativum) over the course of several weeks, a process that results in black cloves."-- Wikipedia


© Faisal Hoque
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