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red miso glazed chilean sea bass

my version -- red miso and black sesame glazed chilean sea bass over thai jasmine rice and blanched cabbage snow peas salad with chili roasted garlic sesame oil dressing...

"Chilean sea bass isn't actually bass at all, and it's not strictly limited to the waters off the coast of Chile. Mind-blowing, right? This rather ugly-looking fish was relatively unknown to seafood merchants prior to the 1970s and is a member of the cod fish family (via The Daily Meal). It lives primarily in the deep waters off the western South American coast and its range can stretch all the way down to Antarctic waters. The actual name of this fish is Patagonian toothfish, and let's be honest — that name is rather unappetizing. At least that's what a fish wholesaler thought who eventually renamed it "Chilean sea bass" because of its white flaky meat." -- Mashed


© Faisal Hoque
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