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stuffed pita with north african style shrimp

my version -- cooked with harissa, cumin, sumac, coriander, fresh herbs, garlic, ginger, lime, etc. and served with home made tahini sauce...

"North Africa has a rich and diverse culinary tradition that deliciously blends European, Arabic and local influences. North African cuisine includes the unique flavors of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. While these countries each have their own culinary traditions, they also share many common ingredients. Here are some pantry basics you'll need to start cooking North African recipes -- harissa, chermoula, preserved lemons, etc." -- MasterClass

"Tahini tastes like its source ingredient—sesame seeds. Tahini has a savory, bitter, and nutty flavor profile. It is high in fat content and has an oily consistency. Tahini is typically made from hulled white sesame seeds and is light in color. "
Creamy, savory tahini sauce has just 3 ingredient -- sea salt, lemon juice, and garlic -- my sandwich is served with spinach, papaya, tomato, feta salad dressed with home made pomegranate vinaigrette...


© Faisal Hoque
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