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veal milanese (cotoletta alla milanese)

my version -- served with tomato, arugula, martzrola salad dressed with lemon rind, balsamico, capers, and parmesan fries...

"Veal Milanese, or veal alla Milanese, is an Italian dish in Milanese Lombard cuisine, and a popular variety of cotoletta. It is traditionally prepared with a veal rib chop or sirloin bone-in and made into a breaded cutlet, fried in butter." -- Wikipedia
"Veal Milanese (Cotoletta alla Milanese) is one of the most famous dishes of traditional Italian cuisine. It’s a tasty veal recipe born in Milan, in the northern region of Lombardy, home to other famous recipes such as saffron Milanese risotto, fried meatballs and Ossobuco Milanese recipe. Veal Milanese recipe has ancient origins: it appeared for the first time in Milan in September 1134, in a menu made for the monks of Sant’Ambrogio. His name was “lompolos cum panito”: loin with bread. Austrians claim the authorship of this dish, with their Wiener Schnitzel but Veal Milanese cutlet is obtained from the loin, and not from the thigh, like the one made in Austria." -- Recipes form Italy


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