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tahdig (persian: ته دیگ‎)

one of my versions -- traditional bengali morog polao (মোরগ পোলাও - pan roasted chicken with aromatic basmati rice) cooked in tahdig style (crispy persian rice with saffron -- pan-cooked until a crust has formed on the bottom)...

(Persian: ته دیگ‎, tah "bottom" + dīg "pot") -- Tahdig is a famous Persian style rice. Tah-Dig means bottom of the pot, explaining exactly what this recipe is...the rice on the bottom of the pot.

"If you’re expecting this dish to be like a chicken biryani, it isn’t. It’s more gently spiced than most biryani, and it’s not meant to be spicy at all. This dish is aromatic, rich in flavor, and very succulent from the onions and chicken. Morog pulao is served as a one-dish meal, often during special occasions.” -- Afsana Liza
"To make the yogurt & saffron TahDig, mix yogurt and a pinch of ground saffron powder. Stir in one cup of the cooked rice. Heat the oils in the pan, layer with yogurt mixture and top with the rest of the cooked rice.” -- Persian Mama

Leftover tahdig/morog polao with avacado, mango, cucumber, tomato, mint, chives salad...

Classic tahdig...


© Faisal Hoque
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